Butterflies (Thirty Different Ones)

Butterflies (Thirty Different Ones)

I am just under 2,100 hours into the game and of all the flora and fauna that I encounter along the way in my explorations, it is the “butterflies” that strike me the most. Not long after starting off back in 2016, I began documenting each sort of butterfly I encountered with photo screenshots. So far I have documented 30 different clusters of them and they are presented, above. See the full-size image, with greater detail.

I have encountered a wide variety, with some fairly close repeats. A particular sort I have only encountered two or three times, and they are so small as to be invisible from any distance and require real work in capturing. The second specimen in the second row of the photo above is an example. This particular sort moves only when I, too, am moving and appears as a scanner dot only, until careful photo mode zooming reveals their bizarre shape. I recall it took about 20 minutes to capture that one image.

In the above photo, starting at the top-left with the most recent specimen and moving to the right and down, one can see butterflies I have encountered in every major version of the game dating all the way back, at the end, to version 1.0. I continue to record those that I encounter and will present more compilations in the future. (Pardon the nod to Pink Floyd.)

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