A Pixel Art Doodle on a 35 Year Old Graphics Machine

A Pixel Art Doodle on a 35 Year Old Graphics Machine

I am now into the second week of teleworking (I prefer “working from home”) in response to the pandemic sweeping the world, presently. As such, when work winds down I try to find something to engage in down in the basement Byte Cellar (so named due to the associated blog).

Yesterday, after work, I decided to fire up my Amiga 1000, which I often use for BBSing these days, and started to play around a bit in Deluxe Paint III. I spent hundreds of hours drawing pixel art in DPaint III in the late ’80s, and an initial scribble turned into a couple of hours of working on a No Man’s Sky space theme piece. I posted it to Reddit and it was rather well received, so I thought I would share it here. It’s certainly not my strongest work (well, “strong” isn’t the word for anything I’ve done in this arena, to be sure) but it’s the first thing I’ve drawn on the Amiga in many years.

Closeup of Amiga 1000 screen showing No Man's Sky pixel art drawing

I did an earlier No Man’s Sky thing on this Amiga a year or so ago and it also was well received. Sean liked it, at any rate. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Pixel Art Doodle on a 35 Year Old Graphics Machine

  1. Hey, Blake.

    The dedication you show to the game is genuinely amazing and inspiring – the game really is a work of art, and your experiences and coverage do it justice better than anything else I’ve seen!

    I discovered your blog only just now, and I’m glad I’ve found it even if so late. The particular graphic is beautiful, and it most definitely is strong by any standard I know of.
    Looking forward to your future adventures 🙂

    Godspeed to you too, fellow Interloper.

  2. No Man Sky is great.

    Hit us up with some portal coords of cool stuff you have made or seen.

    Also great picture there on the Amiga.


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