Devil’s Spire Lookout: “Tiny Home” Base Number Five

Devil’s Spire Lookout: “Tiny Home” Base Number Five

Last week I shared my fourth “tiny home” base, built on a cold, dead moon. While traveling around the system system, gathering resources for the construction, I discovered another moon that grabbed my attention. It suffers particularly violent and frequent firestorms, is decorated by towers of rock rising from its surface, and is sliced through by the ring system of the parent planet — the same planet, in fact, that holds last week’s base moon in orbit. Naturally, I had to build there, on the sister moon of last week’s base.

Whenever I encounter the rare spectacle of a moon sliced through by the ring system of its parent planet, I go in for a closer look in the vicinity of the line of intersection. As I flew close to the surface alongside the ring, I observed frequent towers of stone rising from the ground (that is to say, when the firestorms that blocked all visibility remained at bay). After a few minutes of making close passes to these towers, I noticed one that looked jagged, oddly formed — an aberrant spire. Setting down for a closer look, I observed an interesting sort-of crescent shape to it as observed from above. It seemed a perfect place to try out a tiny base comprised of multiple small units.

As can be seen in the accompanying photos and video, I’ve created a two-unit shelter with bedroom and kitchen in the middle of the top surface of the spire. At each of the extreme ends of the crescent-shaped side, I’ve created functional buildings. At one end is a single cuboid room “den” with an attached observation sphere for taking in the sight of the ring system rising high into the heavens. At the other is an office of sorts, constructed simply of a single cuboid room. The entire compound is sufficiently powered by two solar arrays located at escarpments down the sides of the tower and a single battery unit.

This precariously perched base can be found in the Eissentam galaxy, on PC in Normal play mode. Stop in for a closer look.

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