Moon Base: Disco 1 – A (Tiny) Patch of Color on a Dark, Dead World

Moon Base: Disco 1 – A (Tiny) Patch of Color on a Dark, Dead World

This week, I left behind my third “tiny home” planetary base at the north pole of a fungal moon (where sunsets are not known) and began construction of Moon Base: Disco 1 on the Life-Incompatible Moon of a large Bone Spire planet.

I was struck by the amazing view this barren world afforded of the ring system of its host planet. I explored large stretches of its surface until I came to a breathtaking area where the ring system soared above like a milky, illuminated ceiling. It was just then that I noticed a dark tower of sorts rising above the horizon. After setting down, examination revealed it to contain no door, window, or feature of any sort. Its sides, I observed, extend in the precise ratio of 1 : 4 : 9 (the squares of 1, 2, and 3).

I took this to be a fortuitous discovery, and chose a nearby location to build my base.

After constructing a cozy, little three-unit base, I stood back and had a look around. Wanting to add to the illuminated aura of this base below the rings, I set out arraying many colorful glitch items and adornments about the place. The surrounds had taken on quite a festive feel, and so I added a number of ByteBeat Devices to add a kinetic aspect to the party vibe I was getting. All that was left was to top things off with some energetic and colorful indoor decorations, and there you have it — Moon Base: Disco 1.

The accompanying video tour provides a walk about the colorful surroundings of this party pad for those interested in taking in the sights — and sounds — of the single spot of pulsing (blaring) life on this dark, dead world. Moon Base: Disco 1 is located in the Euclid galaxy, in PC, in Normal play mode. Stop in for a visit — several already have. It is a party base, after all…

(Interestingly, the host planet’s other moon grabbed my attention, for a list of reasons, and so it will be the site of the next base in my tiny home quest.)

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