My First “Tiny Home” Base and a New Twist on Exploration

My First “Tiny Home” Base and a New Twist on Exploration

No Man’s Sky got base building as a play mechanic with the November 2016 release of the Foundation (1.1) update. While exploring the unknown is the thing I most enjoy doing in the game, I immediately took to base building, as it allowed you to inhabit one of the worlds you discovered — a world that really stood out, to you.

Basebuilding got even better with the arrival of the NEXT (1.5) update. NEXT provided a great many new building materials, allowing for completely new types of bases to be built, and it allowed players to build not just a single base, but many. I presently have around 15 bases between my Euclid and Eissentam galaxy saves. Some are pretty rough, some are quite nice. Some I’ve more or less abandoned.

I have shared several base walk-throughs on this blog — a few of the stand outs. But, here I am sharing the first of what I think will be many “tiny house” bases or encampments.

Oftentimes, I will discover a world that I find interesting and unique, but I’m unsure as to whether I want to put the time into actually building up a proper base on the world, though I might like to revisit it occasionally. When this happens, I usually end up jotting down a description and the coordinates in my NMS travel notebook, and moving on. (And, I rarely make it back.)

Small notebook with Atlas logo on front

Well, a short while ago on the subreddit I noticed a post by u/TempTheTempster that really stood out to me. This user shared a few photos of his “Ultra Tiny Home” base that I found clever and very well done. Cozy. Seeing this, I recalled the recent efforts of another Redditor that I had been enjoying, u/NewGodOfWar84, who has been doing a sort of one-base-a-day build series and sharing them in the sub for the past few weeks. These two things came together in my mind and it occurred to me that it would be a lot of fun to (as always) explore and, upon finding one of the aforementioned worlds that has something about it that stands out to me, build a tiny base, varying them as I can along the way. This will actually serve as a driver for deeper exploration, I think.

The base I am sharing here is located in the on an extremely violent, lush, purple world in the Eissentam galaxy, in Normal mode on PC (coordinates can be seen in one of the photos). As is plain to see, I have borrowed the base design quite heavily from u/TempTheTempster in this first build, but it will be fun to work through finding my own particular approaches to so small a planetary dwelling. I am currently building my second tiny base and will share it, or one of the next few, as my effort progresses. I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE: See the other “tiny home” bases I have built during my travels.

10 thoughts on “My First “Tiny Home” Base and a New Twist on Exploration

  1. You mentioned your NMS travel notebook. I’m finding that the UI of NMS has some weird deficiencies for a game that is about exploration. Mapping seems to be one of those things. I’m still new to the game (Steam shows around 72 hours), but I’m finding that I need to keep a notebook (pen an paper for now) just to keep things straight. My biggest problem is finding something interesting and then not being able to find it again even though I dropped a base computer or beacon. Any tips for keeping track?

    1. The game is not really about exploration anymore. They have given up on that aspect a long time ago.
      It’s more about building bases and goofy robot mechs. But anyway, the game has a lot of bugs like that. Things just disappear even though you mark them or drop a beacon near them. So you’re probably doing everything right man, it’s the game that messed up.

      I still play it though with a hope that they will bring out an update to improve variety in exploration.

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