Continuing My “Tiny Home” Base Undertaking, I Present My Second Effort

Continuing My “Tiny Home” Base Undertaking, I Present My Second Effort

Last weekend I shared the first in what I expect to be a long list of “tiny home” planetary base builds to come. After completing the last, I moved on from that lush and violent, purple world to a desert moon that I had visited several months earlier and saved in my records. It is tormented by frequent dust storms that cause the atmosphere to take on a particularly ominous aspect, which is what made the world stand out to me when I first discovered it. And the sentinels are on high alert.

Upon returning to this dusty moon, I spent some time flying over different parts of it in order to find a spot with a nice view of the orbital planet, as well as dense and varied flora. I think I did alright in this regard, in the end.

While my first tiny base was a two-room affair, this base is made from three: a cuboid room and two curved Cuboid Roofs (“I don’t know why they call this stuff a Cuboid Roof, Clark – it does just fine by itself…”) in a sort-of “L” configuration. Additionally, there is a covered, outdoor kitchen area out back, with a Nutrient Processor, as well as food and water storage. The teleporter I placed bit further out, in a dried up stream bed, to avoid it interfering with my nice patch of alien cacti and such.

Along with the photo gallery, I’ve captured a few short video clips showing some of the moon’s weather activity, part of which is in time-lapse.

This tiny moon base is located in the Eissentam galaxy, on PC in Normal mode. No mods are used in the photos or videos. Stop in for a visit! Off to find the next “tiny home” world…

Tiny Base 2 portal glyph code (in Eissentam galaxy)

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