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A Gamer’s Reflections as “No Man’s Sky” Turns One Year Old

A Gamer’s Reflections as “No Man’s Sky” Turns One Year Old

No Man's Sky Atlas image

Tomorrow, Hello Games’ space exploration and survival game No Man’s Sky will turn one year old. At 600 hours in, I have played the game most days of the past 365. As such, I could not let this birthday pass without comment.

After much anticipation No Man’s Sky launched on the Playstation 4 on August 9, 2016 with the PC version following three days later. And never have I seen a game generate such dramatic reactions from players. Some felt it didn’t live up to the (largely gaming media-fueled) hype. Others were under the impression that a true multiplayer game had been promised. But still others felt that No Man’s Sky was the game they had been waiting for their entire lives. Any of my regular readers are aware that I fall into the last category. Indeed, my deep connection with the game has prompted me on several occasions (such as this one) to use this vintage computing blog to talk about something completely unrelated to the subject, utilizing what soapbox is at my disposal to share my feelings about the singular experience that I find No Man’s Sky to be.

(A podcast that was recently recommended to me sums up the No Man’s Sky launch situation as well as the current state of things rather well.)

I have spent too many hours writing about the game to say it all again, here. For those who are interested, read my earlier write-ups about No Man’s Sky:

Instead, I wanted to mark the occasion by sharing a small selection of photos from the larger online gallery (300 or so, of the ~3,000 I’ve taken in game so far) that I’ve assembled along the way on my No Man’s Sky journey — a journey that is very much ongoing.

I started playing the PS4 version on launch day and then built a high-end gaming PC in early September in order to play the PC version which offered the potential for higher framerate, higher screen resolution, and mods (which I ended up deciding not to use). Hello Games has released two major feature updates to the game (v1.1 “Foundation” and v1.2 “Path Finder”), along with a number of small fix / tweak updates. The switch to PC and the feature additions brought by Hello Games’ updates can be seen in the gallery below, which is arranged chronologically, starting off with a shot from my PS4 insertion moment at the top-left.

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A Quick and Dirty Tour of My Extreme Ice-World Base

A Quick and Dirty Tour of My Extreme Ice-World Base

Nearly six months ago I happened upon an extremely harsh winter world, unique in its near total lack of flora and fauna. It’s all ice and storms and wild ribbons of stone meandering across its frozen surface. It struck me to such a degree that I built a base and made it my home. It feels like a real survival outpost in a lonely corner of the galaxy.

I’ve decided to pick up and move to warmer climes on a mountainous, desert planet around 50,000 lightyears away, but before I do, I have taken a very quick and dirty video (camera pointed at the screen, I’m afraid) of the place to remember it by.

I’ve never really seen another world like this one.