Community Event #13: The Culling of the Fish

Community Event #13: The Culling of the Fish

This past weekend’s No Man’s Sky Community Event #13 took us under the sea to a distress beacon and a voice that ominously spoke of a wound in reality requiring a sacrifice. The voice conveyed that it must consume material from the planet to quell the disturbance, and that meant culling indigenous aquatic creatures for their meat, in the form of the consumable Salty Fingers.

I joined the event (on PC) mid-day on Sunday and found the sea strewn about with carcasses and those creatures yet living, very much on the run. The host planet was violent with storms and the land covered in gargantuan flora. As could be expected, quite a few player bases were constructed within the system, some of which I visit in the video, below.

The sea — it foamed red that day, traveller.

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