A Look at “Threadneedle: Expedition II Base Omega”

A Look at “Threadneedle: Expedition II Base Omega”

This morning No Man’s Sky Expedition #2: Beachhead drew to a close after its two-week mission clock timed out. As with the Expedition before it, I found it to be a great deal of fun seeing players zipping about the various systems along the mission route and visiting some of the many bases they left behind.

Having been a rather more basic set of missions than the initial, two-month expedition, I managed to finish the expedition after about a week of play and then set about constructing a base in the system hosting the fifth and final player rendezvous point. Within the final system I found a planet characterized by gigantic spires of rock and frequent storms bringing “walls of flame.” At the very top of a particularly tall spire I began constructing a concrete base in the shape of a ring that is positioned such that it is being impaled by the tip of said spire.

Doing what’s needed in-game to acquire blueprints for items with which to build the base and fill the new space (make it “home”) — gathering Salvaged Data, Quicksilver, and Tainted Metal — takes time…and, as such, I spent a total of about 20 hours play-time on this expedition, where the core missions were completed in around 12.

Here I present photos of this construction, as well as a very short walk-through video. I also include various stand-out sights I saw along the way, warping through the galaxy in completion of the core missions of Expedition #2: Beachhead.

Come have a look, the glyphs are in several of the photos above (it’s now a Normal mode save on PC (Steam)). See you in Expedition #3!

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  1. I really love your tiny build videos – you’ve inspired me to dive into it – no need for these sprawling monstrosities, when you can have everything you need within a few paces.

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